Anchor Windlasses

Anchor Windlasses

Markey Anchor Windlasses

Always engineered and manufactured to meet society class certification, Markey Machinery’s electric and hydraulic Anchor Windlass models are available in single or double wildcat configurations and can be outfitted with or without warping heads for line handling.

Built as either a wildcat or drum model, Markey Windlass systems can be tailored to meet whatever line or chain size is required and meet any third party societal requirements. Right and Left hand models are also available as well as single or multiple speeds. Our hard pulling systems are always ready to get the job done, inquire today for our windlass options.

Markey Anchor Windlass Features/Options

Right and Left Hand
Single or Dual
Single or Multi Speed
Multiple Station Control
Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic
Third Party Certification Available
X" to X" (Imperial or Metric)
Anchor Windlasses designed and produced by the maritime welding and marine construction company Markey Machinery
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