Capstans, designed and produced by the maritime welding and marine construction company Markey Machinery

Markey Capstans

Markey Machinery is a world-renowned leader in marine and non-marine winch fabrication and servicing, entirely based in Seattle, Washington. Our engineering and fabrication team designs custom marine winches and other specialty equipment that fits the needs of each vessel. Our winches and other products are known for their strength, reliability, durability, and engineering. Markey only uses the highest marine-grade material available to provide long-lasting products that are dependable and can hold up to the harshest ocean weather, rigorous use, and saltwater.

Markey Capstan Features/Options

Barrel Diameter
XX” (YYY mm) to XX” (YYY mm)
Above-deck or below-deck
Drive Type
Hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric drive

Special Features
Available for use with high-breaking strength soft-lines
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