Marine Towing Winches

Marine Towing Winches

Markey Towing Winches

Markey tow winches are fully customizable and are truly the workhorse of the industry. There are numerous configurations we can accommodate. From diesel, electric or hydraulic power sources to added fairleaders and warping heads, our tow winches offer high line-pull and braking power that makes them perfect for offshore towing.

Single and double drums are available in either side by side or waterfall configuration, as well as multiple control stations. We use only the most durable marine grade components for our motors and electronics to survive the harsh marine environment. All electrical components comply with ABS, USCG, and IEEE-45 standards. Upgraded electronics allow for line tension monitoring, proximity sensors and data logging. Inquire about our tow packages today.

Markey Towing Winch Features/Options

Single & Double drum configurations
Cable Size
X” to X" wire rope (Imperial or Metric)
Automatic level wind systems, or manual push-rollers
Drum Brakes
Manual and pneumatic drum brakes and clutches
Gear & Shafts
Integral gearboxes
Drive Type
Diesel, hydraulic and electric drives
Other Features
Full range of control options
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